Secure web messenger.

About Project

A lot of networks insist that you use your real identity. Not Fugweb. Here you can choose who you want to be, and share as much or as little about yourself as you want. It really is up to you how you want to interact with other people.

What I Did

UI/UX design for web application.


Before starting UI design work Fugweb provided me project MVP. Minimum viable product.

Color Palette

The color palette was supposed to be bright, fresh and at the same time not intrusive.


San Francisco Font is feature-rich, custom typeface offers the control and flexibility to optimally display text at a variety of sizes, in many different languages, across multiple interfaces.

UI/UX Design

UI/UX design was developed with considering of MVP functionality. And also developed new features that we discussed in the process of design work with the customer.

Other Screen States

Displaying the states of inputs, quotes, send button.

Roll Up Left Bar Interaction

The Bar can roll up to a more compact size.

Right Bar Interaction

The Right Bar will be displayed from right to left and be include the information from New Group, New Chanel and Settings section.

Right Bar States

The information displayed on the right side. So as not to overlap a user dialogs.

Top Bar Elements Interaction

Add new button and user picture on click status interaction.

Login and Registration