Desktop and mobile software for fitness competitions.

About Project

Desktop and mobile software for fitness competitions. Software is based in the cloud, so you and your athletes can access it from anywhere. That means your athletes can track their performance and sign into class on the go, and you can manage billing, run reports, and program WODs from home, the office, or the box on any device. With online membership sales, point of sale, and payroll. It help you run your business better.

What I Did

UI/UX design for web application and iOS mobile application.

Color Palette

In the process of work, I decided to use a dark color palette.


San Francisco Font is feature-rich, custom typeface offers the control and flexibility to optimally display text at a variety of sizes, in many different languages, across multiple interfaces.


Illustrations for Events, Divisions, Users, Participants

Icon Library

During this process also started building an icon library, which gradually grew as the application expanded. A set of rules and a grid on which the icons were constructed ensured that the library could keep growing without loosing it's consistent look.

UX Entity Type Map

Desktop UI/UX Design

After the initial design pitch was accepted a long process of sketching the UX and UI design for the desktop application was started. The process was done. Hundreds of screens, menus and popups were tested and iterated upon.

Mobile UI/UX Design

After the foundation of the desktop application was laid out, I started planning the mobile counterpart. To make sure that the mobile app was as fully featured as the desktop version, and not just a simple viewer without the control needed for advanced users.