Mobile application for ordering and delivering cheesecakes.

About Project

Cheeseberry was founded in 2006, when a young entrepreneur from Russia together with a chef from the USA decided to launch in Stavropol city the manufacture of a new und unknown dessert for the Russian market called “cheesecake”. The first cheesecakes were made with local cottage cheese. At the time, there were no analogues of the American cottage cream cheese in Russia. Initially there were only 10 employees in the company. They were people of different ages, interests and professions, but they were bound by a single idea – to create new but becoming very popular and trendy dessert. During the first two years, the young company named Jackie Style was producing up to 150 cheesecakes per day with five different flavors.

What I Did

UI/UX design for iOS mobile application.

UX Design

At first in the process I made UX prototype for the future Chesseberry application.

Color Palette

In the process of work I use a color palette from the corporate identity and I also decided to use yellow color for accent on cart counter.


Museo Sans is a grotesque look. Museo Sans is based on the familiar Museo. It is a strong, low contrast, geometric, readable sans serif font, very well suited for any display or text application.

UI Design

I always aim for clarity and ease of use in everything I do and a service like Cheeseberry is a perfect match for my approach. With a single focused task at hand, eliminating noise and putting what's important front and center empowers users to spend less time with the UI.